why should you DO THIS?


01. because you deserve to get all dolled up

When's the last time you had your makeup professionally done? Oh, prom? Oh, your wedding? HOW ABOUT TODAY! Haha you will look and feel like a STAR after your beautiful makeover.

And this is the perfect excuse you've been looking for to go SHOPPING!!

02. you deserve beautiful hand-crafted artwork, featuring you

Digital images are cool right, you get to share them online. But c'mon guys - you can't frame a JPEG & rarely do those images live past their 15 mins of Facebook fame. But When you do a photoshoot with me, you leave with beautiful images to share online AND custom-design gorgeous products that you can feel, hold, touch & show-off featuring YOU!

03. you deserve a beautiful customized session @ least once a year

When's the last time you've taken photos? Crickets, right! Tomorrow is not promised, the only time we have is NOW. That's why it's so important to just put yourself out there, and celebrate yourself the way you are NOW. Or maybe your kids are getting older. Or another week is passing of no-date-night with the hubby. You need to exist in photographs, and let your whole self + life SHINE!

04. you don't have to lose weight, be a model, or photogenic

So the best thing is NONE of my clients are models. You may see the girls and think…theres no way I can look like that…FALSE! Haha. I walk everyone through posing and where to put their hands. And with your beautiful makeover, you will literally look and feel like a Hollywood star. You do not need to lose 10lbs. You need to throw on your favorite dress, and let me work my magic! Fall in love with you NOW!.