your life is a work of aRt , YOU r a work of art


I love vivid prints.

There is nothing like staring down at your artwork.

And there is nothing like beholding a piece of magic - and it is you.

My name is Fatima, and I am on a mission to help people get in touch with the beautiful, amazing, incredible movie-star version of them.

I believe life is a movie…a grand adventure.

And we should all show up as the boldest, most beautiful, badass version of ourselves -

and that starts with letting ourselves be open and free expressions of who we are, what we want and what we love.

I literally say this all the time. But YOU are so incredible. Literally like one in a .. billion. What you have to share with the world…your stories, point of view, passions, creativity, life, ART.

All life is art xoxXO

and thats what I want you to see. sometimes we get so caught up in the hubble and bubble of daily life, that we forget to slow down and just be fully present in this moment.

And when you behold a photo I take of you…

you will FEEL so many things.

I've told you guys the story - but the first time I really FELT like I was beautiful.

Was - when I did my own magazine style photoshoot , and I had to print my favorite image for my art class.

And looking down….at me….so gorgeous, beautiful, wild, full

instead of being a harsh critic - I began to fall in love with the image & person I was holding

it was beautiful, like a piece of art.

Life a work of art…which YOU are!

And your life. is this full, lush, wild adventure.

so just live in it. show up fully present.

And I say all this to say: I love creating gorgeous images for my clients that have them looking and feeling like a supermodel, so they can feel amazing, confident, badass, and truly you

XOXOxo stay beautiful, fatima

Fatima Pulley