What I See, When I See YOU

I believe that all women are beautiful. And I believe it is my mission to show you your beauty. Seriously. I walk down the hallway...and I've noticed...that not everyone is like this. Or thinks like this.

But sometimes I will be around people who'll see a woman, and be like ew, what is she wearing. And I literally DO NOT think like that. While they are thinking negative/lack/competition/insecurity.

I am thinking, omg, she is BEAUTIFUL. I would love to photograph her and show her what I see.

Literally its happening right now.

I have a woman in front of me who most would say….oh she has love handles, her hair is unkempt, maybe she shouldnt be wearing that.

But that's not what I see.

I see a beautiful, lively woman - who I'd love to see her eyes light up when she talks about something she loves. 

Or I'd love to sit her down in a chair, and pose her. Have her hand resting on her chin. So it shows off her beautiful shape. 

Here's the thing. We've been conditioned to believe we're ugly, or not good enough, or in competition or cant do whatever the fuck we want.

But that is simply…...a lie...the devil...the enemy….the lack haha.

And that's not what I see. 

I know how the stars in Hollywood do it. I know that they are just regular people like us. I know about what beautiful styling can do (to ENHANCE your natural features, - not make you beautiful. But to enhance your already beautiful, beauty). 

And I know what it looks like to get you in great light. And how the light hits your face..your shape..your body.

And how the best part of it all, is its really not about how you look...its about how you feel about it. And how you feel about yourself.

Its about the twinkle in the eye when you talk about something you love.

It's about connecting with you guys, sitting you down in my studio and braincasting how you want to look and feel.

And setting up a beautiful DIVINE photoshoot for you to unleash your inner goddess.

And feel absolutely amazing and incredible.

Not only do you deserve this….but girl, my love….sweetheart. You NEED this.

Every woman needs to feel and know how beautiful she is. Take a day off to center herself and feel absolutely incredible! To reset things. To recenter yourself.

That is the beauty of a photoshoot with me.

That is what I see...what I think….when I see you.

Oooh I cannot wait to show her how incredibly gorgeous she is.

Because...that is what I see

Xoxo your favorite artist, fatima

Fatima Pulley