The Law of Being in Business

So to me - I try to keep it simple

I've had a very funny career. Because in the beginnig, I just got out there anddid it.

And I was having fun just frolocking around.

Since then I got hit with a wave of real life” or how I was supposed to be lol.

And I got all locked up in comparing myself, making sure I was just as good as everyone else out there.

But that is not a place of creation.

That is competiton.


And ya know what, I dont flourish in competition. It has a very restricting and limiting vibe for me. Although the occassional, hey hubby im about to smack ur ass in spades lol. That competition, is cool.

But the most powerful you'll ever be is when you are in a PURE state of creation.

That's why children as so powerful, and FULL OF LIFE (which is the goal right lol. who cares if you live till 99 if youé only truly lived 10 years of that life…that others you were sad, or a shell of yourself, and just not living ur life to your satsifaction!)

Okay that was a tangent.

But yes - so even now, it is still a task to redirect my mind from comparing myself to other local people I know. I steer it back on track and the truth is that WE all NEED each other. We need that exact wording, vision, and direction that the other person has.

We are not in competition. We are in creation. We are team mates on this big beautiful earth

and we're here to create awesome shit

and share it with the planet


when you create your business, know that that is what this is all about: getting into your true voice, and sharing that mission with the world. Because thats what people truly need. To experience YOU - in all your glory


products and stuff are cool

but its really all about you xooxx LOVE HER, love him. love you xoxo

BusinessFatima Pulley