Sometimes, I forget...

Sometimes I forget to stop…and treasure what is exactly in front of me

sometimes I forget to celebrate him

sometimes I can get so wrapped up in my own personal being - that I forget that life…may seem like weeks or even years. but its really just the mini-everyday moments all wrapped up into one.

Like a burritto… or maybe I'm just hungry lol

But this is a post because sometimes I forget to stop and honor my husband, and celebrate HIM.

Guys - we are not here for a long time, we're here for a gooood time. Capturing every moment, soaking it in and just living in the moment.

the E-MOTION of everything that this very moment

because I've learned that it seems like we're so tired of the mundane…and that everything is the same day in and day out

and then we wake up one day, and alas - we're onto a new season lol

it blows my mind

it seems like forever, then forever…seems all gone. Like a distant memory.

Because you're in the new, now - now.

So welcome it in! But dont forget to stop and love, cherish, dote on the ones in front of you!

If this has taught me anything…its that A) money LOVES speed haha

and that also - whenever you're thinking about when's a good time to take that trip. Or do that thing….


xo now is the only time we ever have

so live in the…and appreciate and celebrate, THE NOW

Fatima Pulley