Modern Glamour Photography for Columbia, SC


Columbia, SC Glamour / Beauty Photography for Women

soo like yah, I LOVE the word glamour.

It just looks so stunning and beautiful. It looks like an amazing…piece of vibrant, luxe, classy, art.

It sounds like all things chic and pretty and beautiful. And awesome, divine and badass <3 Xox

It is like my brand haha.

So yes I am brining Glamour Photography to Columbia, SC!

If you don't know what that is - to me it is: creating magazine-style portraits for real every day women. transforming them into the celebrity version of them. unleashing your inner supermodel. and getting in touch with who you truly are.

the wonderful, badass, luscious babe u truly r haa


It's about taking a day off and looking and feeling like a divine supermodel, for whatever reason. Just for fun, for an anniversary, for your birthday, for hot pictures to gift to your hubby or to freaking celebrate yourself.

This is perfect for just by yourself, or to celebrate something

but you deserve to be seen, celebrated, and see yourself in the most beautiful way xx

come on girl, take the day off and let's fall in love with ourselves all over again <3 much SELFlove

Fatima Pulley