How Do We Bring What We Want To Us?

Okay, so you've been thinking about what you want. Daydreaming. And meditating on it. You know what you don't want, because you're complaining about the state of your life day in and day out. You can see exactly how you want things to be, but you're not there yet. And you can't see how to get there.

The topic today is - how THEN do we bring the things we really want…to US!

The way to get anything done - is by asking questions & taking action in that direction.

If you never ask, it's ALWAYS a NO!

But if you ask, that how you get your world open to new/better and different things.

For example - my hubby and I have lived in our apartment going on 3 years now.

At first, our house was very sterile…like a hospital. We figured we wouldn't be here for long. So didn't want to put up any decor or anything.

2 kids later, and still here - we decided we wanted to make this place more homey.

But guess who also wanted to make it more homey? Our freaking 3 year old with crayons and crap all over the walls lol.

And stains on the carpet! Lordie! #parenthoodlife

Anyways so I've been THINKING about getting our carpet redone, and painting the walls, and making this place look and feel BRAND NEW and starting all over.

And I've probably been thinking about this for about 2 months or so. And complaining about it.

Until I realized - I can complain and whine all I want, but thats not changing my condition.

I can also THINK and visualize my space so beautifully - but it is still….not changing the condition.

It was when I took ACTION and ASKED that new doors came open.

So I talked to my property manager today. I asked if we could get our carpet replaced , she said HONEY you guys get a FREE carpet cleaning on us for staying on another year and its going to make the place look and feel brand new!

I was like YAY!

And then I wanted to ask about painting…but I already thought I asked too much with the carpet.

So I was about to hang up…but…its just like….I really didnt wanna call her back. So I convinced myself, its NOW or never. Nothing else exists. JUST NOW.

So I asked her what the process would be to go about painting. And they were like oh, we provide paint for you guys also - just stop on by and pick some up.

I was like WHATHTH!@#$!@$#


In my mind I was thinking of the situation and either we would have to hire someone and pay them $1000hundreds. Or she would say no, you guys are not allowed to paint.

Either way - I was thinking WORST CASE SCENARIO. And that “fear” stopped me from wanting to ask the question.

But once I just put that on hold, and put the question out there, it opened up a whole new world for me!

Now we are scheduled to get this WHOLE PLACE redone NEXT Wednesday and Thursday!

And I am SO elated!

This has been something I've been thinking about for about 3 months!

And now it's finally coming to life.

But the moral of the story is…as long as I was just thinking about it…yah, it prompted a good idea. But I never took action on it. So it would never come to pass.

Action is the vehicle in which we bring our desires to us!

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be.

It doesn't have to be final, it just has to be.

xoxo stay beautiful

Fatima Pulley