Free Yourself to Do/Say/Be/Think What YOU Want!


So I'm going to simplify this sh*t all the way down.

I'm done. I'm done with not being good enough.

With not living my truth.

With thinking things need to be so difficult in order to work. Thats the way the rest of the world views things! And whatever you believe…whatever you choose to believe will become your reality.

You are capable of so much. So much more.

What are you hiding from?

That's where the resistance comes in.

What I'm saying, is I talk to so many people on a daily basis. Most people have great, beautiful dreams they'd like to live out. Or most are complaining about their current circumstances and how bad they are. But like, what DO YOU WANT?


This is where the resistance comes in. Because deep in our souls, we know we want so much more. But we do not reach for it. Because of safety, or someone said we werent a good singer. Or we need a steady, “real” job in order to make “ends meet".

Haiiil no. We dont want to make ends me. We want to live in beautiful, lush, lavish, ABUNDANCE!

That's your birthright.

That's what we were created for.

Life, existence..reality….it imitates nature. And nature is put here with one purpose in mind: to grow and flourish. To expand. To nourish. To give life!

Thats what you're here for.

But you have to be full of life first…full of YOUR LIFE! Your message, the way you do things, your vibe…is so gosh darn powerful.

This is a short blog to interrupt your day and remind you: there is a little voice inside of you, a little uncomfortable feeling that says…hey, maybe life isn't supposed to be like this. Maybe there is much much more.

Listen to THAT voice <3


stay beautiful


You dont need to know HOW you're going to do it.

You just need to know WHAT YOU WANT! You're spending all your time focusing and telling me what you don't want. Guess what?

What you focus on you get MORE OF! So focus on WHAT YOU WANT!!!

And it's amazing..our brains are so amazing. But literally cannot focus on more than one thing at a time.

If you're thinking about problems…all you get is…MORE PROBLEMS.

If you're in search of a solution…all of a sudden, your mind is shifting to look for SOLUTIONS <3

It's incredible…our brains are literally like a Google Search engine…put something into it, and millions come back with that thing full force.

So yes, focus on WHAT YOU WANT. free yourself to say/think/dream what that is.

And I promise you…keep focusing on that, and your mind will start thinking of ways of how it's already abundant and clear to you RIGHT NOW.

Opportunities you've never seen before will start to arise…but they were there all along <3

free yourself to say and be and do…what YOU want <3

“I'm the type to say a prayer and then go get what I just prayed for”

Fatima Pulley