everything you need/want will come ....in its time

Something running my own business has taught me is that -

everything you need will come in its time.

not a moment, before…or after.


So I am like super used to planning ahead. I want to know EVERY single step I'm going to take before I take it. Everything I'm going to say or do! How I'm going to say it. How others will respond. What I will say in response to their response lol.

But I learned that - everything comes from jumping off the ledge, into the unknown.

Seeing EXACTLY what you want. And walking towards that.

One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Although the road is dark, you know where you're headed. But the only place that is lit up, is the spot you're standing in right now.

So to be able to get to the next spot - you have to step forward.

IN FAITH! This is where faith comes into play. Cause most would NOT want to step forward in the pitch freaking dark. Because we think to ourselves…I can't see the way, what if I fall, what if it's a ledge and I fall and DIEE! lol .

But this is literally how you get anything that you want. You have to see what you want, and just keep stepping towards it. Not knowing the answers or the how. Just knowing what you want.

And the coolest thing about that is the answers, revelations, connections, and knowing will all appear in the time that you need it to <3 not a moment before

so stop planning, and start trusting the Universe - that this is your destiny, your being, your time, your you-est, you and walk towards that xoxo

fear is an illusion.

stop empowering that by keep talking about it and acting fearful.

and start acting like the most brave, bad@$$ version of you xoxo

im here to help YOU on your way to that

love you ALL!

Fatima Pulley