You Don't Really Look Like That..

One time…a very long long time ago, I printed out this bomb photo of myself for a guy. You know, so he can put near his night stand and think of me day 'n night ;) hehe.

“You don't really look like that…” he said.

Okay so I know I'm a photoshop guru. I know the good angles, and finding nice light. and I was good at the makeups back in this day. But…I mean, thats what I looked like, to me.

But It was one of those phrases someone says to you that you never forget because I guess it cut so where deep or made an impression.

I started to feel some sort of way like dang...I guess I don’t look like that.

Because I wake up in the morning and there is I look like when I wake up is definitely NOT the way I look like by the end of the night when I'm all dolled up.

And I guess I convinced myself that that I was two different people? Or that I was fake.

And you hear all the time about celebrities how none of them even look like that. But it’s like...okay so what. You feel like of course they don’t because their lives are dedicated to their image so of course they have a ream of people who are working to keep that in shape. They feel so out of reach.

Until I found this normal ass girl on Instagram lol. 


When you look at her she looks FLAWLESS!! She is #goals! She is one of those women who you stare at and think: “wtf, why cant I look like HER?!” Aha.

But I love that she shares her behind the scenes photos and getting ready with me. And something I realized is that…when she isn't all dolled up, she just looks average af.


And not in a bad way. But in a way that is like dang, she looks like some random girl I pass by and the grocery store and half smile at.

But when she gets ready!! She comes to #SLAY. She looks incredible, like a legit movie star!

And I am so proud of her, but mostly thankful that she put herself out there like that.


And it taught can’t go through life and let other people’s little phrases and ideas of who you should be SHAPE you.

The saying is old but: you have to live your own life. Your own way.

And for so long I was programmed to believe this was selfish. But I think what’s worse than being selfish is being a victim. When you don’t live your best life because you’re afraid because he said this. She thinks I should do this. And then you get to a certain age and look back in your life and all the things you didn’t do even though you wanted to and you blame all of those voices.

I can’t do that. You have to live life YOUR WAY! 

And find fulfillment and love in the things you love to do! That give you a speak on your eye, a pep in your step and make you light up with excitement! 

And that’s how I feel about getting dolled up and feeling beautiful and looking pretty. It excites me so much that I created a business based around this whole idea! Of bringing a woman in, giving her a day and getting dolled up and dressed up, feeling gorgeous and creating the most gorgeous photographs she's ever seen of herself!

But for so long I thought things like: “well, since I like colored contacts and long hair and weave I’m fake or trying to be white. “But I feel like now, going forward, this is the question I'm going to filter all my thoughts through:

what did I think of myself before someone TOLD me what to think?

I never thought of getting contacts to look white. I got them because I love the way light eyes look on my dark skin. And I just like them! We have to stop explaining ourselves to people! For the things we like and choose to do. Don't give energy to that, give energy to living your full life <3

Be yourself! Whatever that looks like and

Stop lessening yourself just to make others comfortable! Do what you love to do and BE who you want to be! 

That is the biggest lesson here for me. 

photos of Gabrielle Sterling, insta @Gsterl 
I screenshoted those mugs, so sorry for crappy quality..