Marles: Downtown Columbia, State House Columbia. SC

Marles is super sweet. She reached out to me when she realized I did photo sessions AND they included hair and makeup. She was so excited. She said she wanted to celebrate herself, feel pretty again and feel like a princess. She wore her mothers wedding dress to the photoshoot. And her favorite red dress to help her feel sassy.

You'd think this was a bridal shoot, but quite the opposite. Marles had recently just broken up with her bf of like 6 years. She thought they would be together forever. Fast forward a few yers - soon after Marles did this photoshoot, she met a guy! This guy from high school who actually always had a secret crush on her.

Now they are married and just had their first kid together! Lol, how cool is life. Plus, how amazing is it to lose everything - and then to start feeling confident about yourself again

xoxo stay beautiful