Photoshoot: Xavier | Columbia SC Portrait Photographer


Xavier is a world class guy! He is one of those guys that are kind, gentle, sweet, suave and always knows the intelligent, classy thing to say. Here's what he had to say about why he chose to do a photoshoot:

"The thing that excites me the most is that photoshoots always make the individual look their best as if everything in life is going perfect. The audience knows that no one's life is perfect

but the photos give us a glimpse of heaven on earth in our lives and how that would look like."


Epic! And I totally agree!

My vision is to show you at your most beautiful, epic and amazing. The version of you that is perfect and beautiful.

I want to show you the Hollywood version of yourself, because we are often so critical of ourselves, like we're not good enough - or there are others better than us. I want to show you how drop dead gorgeous you actually are!