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Marles: Downtown Columbia, State House Columbia. SC

Marles is super sweet. She reached out to me when she realized I did photo sessions AND they included hair and makeup. She was so excited. She said she wanted to celebrate herself, feel pretty again and feel like a princess. She wore her mothers wedding dress to the photoshoot. And her favorite red dress to help her feel sassy.

You'd think this was a bridal shoot, but quite the opposite. Marles had recently just broken up with her bf of like 6 years. She thought they would be together forever. Fast forward a few yers - soon after Marles did this photoshoot, she met a guy! This guy from high school who actually always had a secret crush on her.

Now they are married and just had their first kid together! Lol, how cool is life. Plus, how amazing is it to lose everything - and then to start feeling confident about yourself again

xoxo stay beautiful


Trisha + Family | West Columbia Riverwalk Photoshoot | Columbia SC Best Family Photographer

This! 😭

So, by far my favorite thing to do is get a woman in front of my camera - and show her how beautiful she is. And watch her transform into a goddess in front of the lens. 💃

Especially if she doesn't give herself enough credit, or take enough days off. Or time to herself to just love and celebrate HER. 💛

But you can't beat when she brings her beautiful family along, and now you are creating memories that will last a lifetime. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Photos mom can look by on and feel absolutely BEAUTIFUL. And the kids..they grow so quick. So freezing that moment in time when all they wanted to do was snuggle with each other. 😊

And your hubby, your rock. Capturing the moments between you two. Of years together. Through thick and thin, and seeing you two - so beautiful, alive and in love. And being reminded of the day you dreamt of all of this. 💍

Family is everything. ❤️️

And one day these photographs will be PRICELESS. 🌻

For we can never be in this exact moment again. So wherever you're at today - celebrate it. Live in it. 🌸

And take a day to celebrate and love you, and this beautiful life you are living together <3

hair + makeup: Arriah Marie