Hey! I'm Fatima, a portrait photographer based in Columbia, SC & my mission is to show you how beautiful you truly are.

I take regular every day people, give them a beautiful on-location photoshoot. Invite them to show up with full hair + makeup. And their favorite outfits, that make you feel like And I make you look like a celebrity.

Through posing, an eye for beauty + light & hand-crafted editing - I transform your images from meh to **OMG WOWZ**, works of art.

It'll transform the way you see yourself.

I want to show you the most IDEAL version of you. The fairytale version…The celebrity version of you.

I want you to look at your gallery of images and think: “Omg, I can't believe this is me. This looks like the cover of a magazine…”

I want you to feel worthy, loved, and valued.
Most of all - I invite you to be the most authentic, most beautiful, bold version of you.

It's simple: I'm here to help you fall in love with who you truly are

xo fatima