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Growing up I was never the "pretty or popular" girl. I wore baggy clothes, acted like a tomboy & tried not to stick out in fear of being picked on. But, deep down on the inside I always imagined myself as this beautiful, confident woman glowing in a beautiful dress being lavished with flowers & all things happy, bright & fun!

I've always been drawn to photography - & one day my bestie & I got all dressed up in our fav outfits, put on some makeup, did our hair & went out to take some awesome photos in a nearby field. Once I got home and edited the photos and saw myself… WOW. Seeing myself…like that…changed the way I saw myself.

And the minute I printed one of my favorite images….I just held the photo of myself in my hands…and for the first time, I truly felt like I was…beautiful. Now I'm wildly obsessed with being happy + being the most me version of me! Celebrating myself. And helping others to do the same xoxo :)




MY promise to you xo


I invite you to a photoshoot with me. Let's take a day off. Get all glammed up. Look and feel incredible & fall in love with

the beauty that is you.